Steel billets of specified chemicals composition is heated in Reheating furnace to 1100 degree and then rolled in a series of rolling stands to the required sizes.

The hot finished bars are then subjected to an on-line heat treatment (TMT) to get high yield strength bars with excellent elongation and bend ability.

These bars are then cut to 12 meter length, bundled and shipped to customers.


In Hadid Majan, due priority is given for the raw material selection since any slight variation in the chemistry of raw material will result in quality impact. In addition to supply from the indigenous SMS unit, the company imports billets from other Middle East countries.

The specified chemistry is assured and the billet is cut into suitable lengths for various product sizes. A gas fired furnace is used to reheat the billet to the rolling temperature of above 1100° C. Then it is passed through the various stands of the rolling mill and finally through the quenching box to the cooling bed. After these operations, the tempered martensite surface layer is very hard while the microstructure of the core is a very fine-grained pearlite which is soft.

The result is a structure in Thermo Mechanically Treated bar with a high yield strength combined with high ductility. These bars are cut into the standard length of 12 mtr and bundled to a weight of 2 mt.

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