Hadid Majan envisages more demand of the high strength deformed reinforcement steel bars in the domestic market and accordingly it has embarked upon the expansion project for capacity addition. The erection work of a fully automatic rolling mill of capacity 150000 TPY is expected to complete by end of this year.

Once the production started in this unit total production of TMT bars from 8 mm to 32 mm size, will be 0.2 million tons per year.


Hadid Majan makes every effort to ensure that each and every bar leaving factory premises meets the specified quality standard. Our Quality Control department ensures that the billets we receive are of prime quality. Samples of our finished products are taken on-line at regular intervals and subjected to tensile tests on a fully computerized Tensile Testing Machine. We also provide Mill Test Certificates. The final product testing is done in a modern testing lab, equipped with a computerized testing device, to measure the mechanical properties of the final product.

It is our endeavor to serve and support our customers with timely dispatches and prompt attention to their better satisfaction.


Hadid Majan produce Deformed Steel Bars BS4449-1997 460 B and BS4449-2005 GR500B    which carries brand name “MSBS”, varies in sizes 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm & 25mm and standard length of 12 m.

Product Identification

Grade 460B and 500B

Bars have two or more series of parallel transverse ribs. For bars with two or three rib series, one of the series shall be at a contrary angle to the others; and for bars with four rib series, two of the series shall be at a contrary angle to the others.

Steel grade
Ultimate rupture strength Yield strength Elongation Cold bend test by
N / mm'2 N / mm'2 % 180 Deg
min min min
BS 4449-1997 500 460 14 good
BS 4449-2005 540 500 12 good

Steel grade
C Mn Si S max P max N max C.E max
BS 4449-1997 0.25 0.35 ~ 0.95 0.10 ~ 0.30 0.05 0.05 0.012 0.51
BS 4449-2005 0.22 0.35 ~ 0.95 0.10 ~ 0.30 0.05 0.05 0.012 0.50

Nominal Diameter Nominal Weight Long Bars/Bundle
mm Kg / m No.12m/2ton
8 0.395 420
10 0.616 270
12 0.888 184
14 1.208 136
16 1.579 104
18 1.998 82
20 2.466 66
22 2.985 55
25 3.854 42

* Rebar dimension in grade 460B

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